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Monday, January 22, 2018

Commissioner Jerry Garza Announces Funds Still Available for Veterans’ Rental Assistance

Courtesy Eddie Zavala,

(Laredo, Tx)- Jerry Garza, Webb County Commissioner Precinct 3, today announced that funds are still available for qualifying veterans who need help with rental payments.

 The funds are part of the Veterans Rental Assistance Program, currently being administered by Garza’s office. The program, which is based on income eligibility, is open to all Veterans who were honorably discharged, regardless of age or years of service in the armed forces.

 “Understanding the state of the economy, we must do everything within our reach to help these veterans, who so valiantly served our country,” said Garza. “Many of our veterans lost their job or cannot find employment, and this is one of way of us saying ‘thank you’ for what you have done for us.” 

The high demand for veterans’ rental assistance in Webb County is three-fold:

·         Re-entry challenges faced by veterans- including low income status and medical/mental/substance issues that may lead to homelessness

·         Lack or limited transitional or permanent supportive housing in the county

·         High number of low income veterans

 The goal of the program is to help the veterans become self-sufficient in the shortest time of possible. After qualifying for the program, the veterans are given referrals to different local entities to better assist them reach the program’s goals. This includes finding adequate housing, employment, and special services when applicable.

 If interested in applying, veterans must provide the following documentation:

·         Form DD214 with an Honorable Discharge Status

·         Identification cards for all household members over the age of 18

·         Birth certificates for all minors under the age of 18

·         Social security cards for everyone in the household

·         Award letters for all public assistance, i.e., food stamps, Medicaid and financial aid

·         Award letters for income such as G.I Bill, social security, disability or retirement benefits

·         Payroll stubs for the past 3 months and/or documentation for any additional household income

·         6 months of bank statements for the following: checking, savings, CD, 401k or money market accounts that pay interest and/or dividends

·         Lease agreement if one is in place

·         List of all monthly household expenses such as: rent, utilities, food, grooming, automotive (insurance & gas)

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