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Monday, February 19, 2018

Proactive Patrol Officer catches Burglar in the Act

Ruben CarrilloCourtesy Joe Baeza,

  On Wednesday September 15th 2010 at approximately 01:30 a.m., while on patrol by the 3500 N Jarvis, An Laredo Police Officer noticed what appeared to be a human shadow inside a parked van (1996 Plymouth Voyager Van with Texas plates). The officer turned off his patrol unit lights, to avoid detection by the subject inside the vehicle. The officer parked on the corner and made his way to investigate the subject. As the officer was approaching the vehicle, he could see that it was a male subject was going thru the glove compartment of the vehicle. 

 The officer was able to reach the vehicle undetected by the subject. The officer ordered the male subject out of vehicle. The male subject hesitated at first and did not want to exit the vehicle. The male subject slowly exited the vehicle and the officer was able to detain him. The male subject was identified as Ruben Carrillo, and stated that the vehicle belonged to his uncle. The male appeared to be intoxicated and did not remember his uncle`s name. The male subject was placed inside a patrol unit, as the officer proceeded to corroborate the suspect’s story.

  The officer knocked on a few apartment doors until he was able to track down the owner of the van. The owner stated that the suspect was unknown to them and that the owner did not give the suspect permission to be inside the vehicle. The owner also stated that the vehicle had been previously burglarized and wished to press charges against the suspect.  Apparently the suspect had forced open and damaged the exterior door handle (latch) to break into the van.

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