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Monday, September 25, 2017

Cachitas Kitchen & Catering Offers You a Free Agua Fresca!!

CACHITASADSylvia Hernandez invites everyone to visit Cachitas Kitchen & Catering located on the corner of Barrios and Meadow.   Cachitas Kitchen opens up daily at 7a.m. to offering a great variety of Mariachis and Breakfast Plates modestly priced at 2 x $1.49 or the Breakfast Mariachis giving you choices of egg combinations made out of potatoes, ham, chorizo, bacon, chorizo or beans.  You can also find the same combinations in breakfast plates served with refried beans starting at only $3.25 all served with homemade tortillas.  Their Breakfast Menu also includes Fresh Menudo or Barbacoa that is made daily.  Cachitas Kitchen also offers great specials for lunch serving traditional mexican entrees such as Flautas,  Enchiladas (either suizas or callejeras), Chilies Rellenos, Milanes de Res, Bistek Guisado, Mole, and Caldo de Res.  Authentic Mexican Tortas and Hamburgesas are also favorites of their now frequent patrons.  Click on this link couponcachitas2 copyfor a coupon towards a FREE AGUA FRESCA WITH THE PURCHASE OF ANY ENTREE ON THEIR MENU COUPON ALSO VALID FOR DELIVERY TO AREA SCHOOLS IN SOUTH LAREDO FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL THEM AT 956-726-4300.

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