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Monday, January 22, 2018

What’s Your Super Power?  Centeno Pre-K Recycle Heroes Are In Full Force

Courtesy Yvette Treviño,
(Laredo, Texas)-Educational opportunities arise daily at campuses throughout United ISD. It’s what our educators make of them that makes the biggest impact on our students. Pre-Kinder teachers Isela Garza and Della Garcia have taken real life world experiences and created the most unique and perfect teachable moments at Centeno Elementary.
As part of their school day students at Centeno Elementary participate in “Breakfast in the Classroom.” Typically students dispose of their trash by simply throwing it in the garbage can, but not at Centeno Elementary. Pre-Kinder students have become the campus experts  when it comes to recycling and have made it part of their daily routine to walk the hallways and dispose of recycled items properly.
In full recycle uniform, complete with apron, goggles, hat, and gloves, the students take to the halls, pick up recyclable items such as, small cardboard boxes, juice cartons, bags, water bottles, and dispose of them in large recycle bins.
“It’s a collective effort between the entire campus and our students,” stated Mrs. Garza, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher. “We’ve found that this is a wonderful way to bring awareness to something that effects each and every one of us because taking care of our environment is very important,” she added.
Students at Centeno Elementary work together with custodial personnel to ensure that the items are disposed of properly. As the recycle leaders of their school, the Pre-Kinder Class has made quite the name for themselves around the school. There’s no job too big or too small for these students!


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