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Monday, February 19, 2018

Annual “Kazenoplis” Teaches Lessons of Responsibility and Leadership

Courtesy Alex Meyer,     

(Laredo, Texas)-Kazen Elementary School ended the month of November with Kazenopolis. Students and staff prepared for the event by transforming their campus into an minitroplois.

The setting gave Kazen students an opportunity to elect their own governing body and operate a mock IBC bank, H.E.B. store, post office, recycling center, farmer’s market, visitors center, utilities company and radio station.

IBC President Imelda Navarro was joined by Superintendent of Schools Roberto J. Santos, David Gonzalez, Associate Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction, Laredo Chamber of Commerce President Miguel Conchas and additional dignitaries for the Kazenopolis  proclamation, which was read by Councilman George Altgelt. The reading was followed by a ribbon cutting officiated by Ms. Navarro, who said that the activities in Kazenopolis allow students to be introduced to leadership roles. The program allows them to practice real-world work activities at a very young age. IBC created the minitroplis concept in an effort to give students a glimpse of what local businesses and communities do on a daily basis. This hands-on approach enriches their understanding of what it takes to become leaders and good corporate citizens”, she concluded. 

 Kazen Principal Maria H. Arambula thanked sponsors I.B.C., H.E.B., the City of Laredo and the Border Patrol. “Their support and involvement helps our students build on their academic and social skills.

The Kazenopolis project challenges students and brings relevance to what they learn in the classroom”, she said’. 

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