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Laredo, Texas

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Monday, February 19, 2018

Mayor Proclaims November as Bilingual Education Awareness Month

Courtesy Yvette Treviño,

(Laredo, Texas)-Mayor Pete Saenz made a citywide proclamation calling for November to be Bilingual Education Awareness Month. The proclamation came after a request was submitted from United ISD Bilingual Education Director Carmen Pompa to the Mayor’s Office. Throughout the month of November, United ISD celebrates Bilingual Education with a series of Dual Language Showcases.

Laredo is notably known as the gateway between two nations divided by landscape, but unified in culture. A union joined by a commonality in language and tradition. United ISD recognizes that Bilingual Education in schools fosters an acceptance of different cultures and languages. This proclamation brings forth a citywide awareness of the importance of Bilingual Education.

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