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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Man sentenced to eight years for theft of motor vehicles

Courtesy Yanira Deleon,

(Laredo, Texas)-The District Attorney’s Office secured a guilty plea in its case against Vicente Lozano Reyes, 40, who was linked to an auto-theft ring.

On December 23, 2015, the Laredo Police Department Communication Division received a call from a man stating to police that his vehicle was stolen at his place of business by the 6000 block of Springfield Ave.
The Laredo Police Department Auto Theft Task Force led an investigation into the recent stolen vehicles that identified Vicente Lozano Reyes as the person of interest. Lozano Reyes had previously been investigated on similar theft of motor vehicles charges. It was revealed that between November 29, 2015 and December 25, 2015, he stole eight motor vehicles approximating a value of $63,000. Lozano Reyes would steal the vehicles in Laredo, Texas and immediately transport them into Mexico.
Vicente Lozano Reyes was arrested and charged with theft for intentionally or knowingly, unlawfully appropriating eight vehicles without the owners’ consent. The theft of a vehicle is categorized as a state jail felony if the value of the vehicle is less than $30,000. This offense is punishable by a minimum of six months and a maximum of two years.
However, when a series of theft offenses are committed, “pursuant to one criminal scheme and continuous course of conduct,” the amounts of theft for each individual item stolen are added to raise the value of property stolen. If the added amount is higher than $30,000, but less than $100,000, the theft is enhanced to a third degree felony. This raises the maximum punishment to 10 years in prison. Lozano Reyes was subsequently charged with one count of theft, a third degree felony and eight counts of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, a state jail felony.
On October 23, 2017, Vicente Lozano Reyes plead guilty to one count of theft, F3  and five counts of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, STJ, before the 111th District Court Judge Monica Z. Notzon. Lozano Reyes will serve eight years in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Correctional Institution Division.
Chief of Police Claudio Treviño stated, “The LPD Auto Theft Task Force has successfully zeroed in on these criminals who are not only stealing vehicles but are also enabling drug cartels by outfitting them with an endless stream of cars. The Laredo PD will continue to make positive strides, along with the great guidance of the District Attorney’s Office, so that our citizens can feel safe that their cars are secure.”
Assistant District Attorney Aaron Bundoc prosecuted the case for the State.

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