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Monday, January 22, 2018

United ISD Annual In-Service Session Features Guest Speaker Dr. Luis F. Gutierrez

Courtesy Alex Meyer,

(Laredo, Texas)-UISD Principals and Department Directors recently attended a summit at UISD’s SAC auditorium that featured guest speaker Dr. Luis F. Cruz. Cruz is a former Principal of Baldwin Park High School, a school located in the Baldwin Park Unified School District located approximately 20 miles east of Los Angeles. Several years ago, Dr. Cruz joined Dr. Anthony Muhammad’s leadership and consulting company, New Frontier 21, as an educational consultant and has since been traveling around the country sharing an educational ​approach that is transforming Baldwin Park High School into an organization that is effectively closing the student achievement gap, thus “saving student lives”.

Dr. Cruz has also gained a reputation as a passionate and motivating public speaker and educational consultant in the United States. His combination of enthusiasm, humor, practical application and zest for student achievement has helped Dr. Cruz become one of the most sought after “rising stars” in the profession. Dr. Cruz has been a teacher and administrator at the elementary, middle school and high school levels and has achieved notable recognition as a leader who vehemently strives to ensure organizations realize that all students can and must be successful in schools.

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