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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Webb County Jail X-ray machine detects drugs on woman

Courtesy Brenda Medina,


Laredo, TX (Webb County) – A Webb County Jail Correctional Officer’s quick thinking on the behavior of two female suspects being booked into the jail led to the discovery of dozens of pills inside one of their body cavities.

The suspects, Blanca Perez, 20, and Amy Sanchez, 19, were originally brought into the Webb County Jail by another law enforcement agency shortly after 1:30 a.m. on Thursday. During intake procedures, a correctional officer noticed a small white piece of pill that Perez had coughed up. Following a body scan for both inmates, a foreign object was detected inside Sanchez’s body cavity. A total of 44 Xanax pills and two baggies of marijuana were recovered from her body. The drugs have a combined estimated street value of $884 . The dollar amount for narcotics doubles and sometimes even triples inside a correctional facility, which can easily amount to more than $2,600.

Sanchez will now be facing an additional charge for Prohibited Substance in a Correctional Facility, Felony 3. She remains without bond at the Webb County Jail.

“The new x-ray machine has been a great deterrent when it comes to inmates attempting to smuggle in contraband,” said Sheriff Martin Cuellar. “Inmates are normally caught or give up the contraband prior to going through the final phase of the body scanner. This suspect was the first to challenge this technology and failed.”

The high tech body scanner at the Webb County Jail is an added tool when it comes to insuring no contraband makes its way into the jail, all in an effort to ensure the safety and security of inmates and employees.

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