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Monday, January 22, 2018

4th Annual UISD “Let’s Run Wild” Event, A Tremendous SUCCESS!

5kCourtesy Veronica Cantu,

(Laredo, Tx)-The event that emphasized the importance of health, fitness, while raising money for scholarships was a resounding success as over 400 individuals turned out for the United Independent School District’s 4th Annual 5K Run, Walk, and Health Fair held on Saturday at the Student Activity Complex.

“United ISD would like to thank all participants, sponsors and volunteers who helped make our annual scholarship and fitness event a great one,” said United ISD Superintendent Roberto J. Santos. “This would not be possible without the help and support of everyone working together. Thank you!”

The results for the event’s 5K run were as follows:

Top Male Runner:

Justo Idrogo       17:00 (15-19 age division)

Top Female Runner

Julie Cantu          19:51 (30-39 age division)

14 & Under Age Division-Male: 

1st           Jesus Manrique                17:51

2nd          David Vivian                       18:31

3rd           Jose Hernandez                18:35

15-19 Age Division-Male:

1st           Justo Idrogo                       17:00

2nd          Misael Duque                    18:01

3rd           Gabriel Acosta                   18:23

20-29 Age Division-Male:

1st           Johnathan Flores             19:40

2nd          Orlando Flores                  23:41

3rd           Geno Polka                         28:10

30-39 Age Division-Male:

1st           Gabriel Acosta                   20:42

2nd          Juan Fructoso                    21:30

3rd           Juan Salinas                        22:05


40-49 Age Division-Male:

1st          Julian Miranda                   18:35

2nd        Carlos Arrambide             20:10

3rd         Jerry Salinas                       21:04


50-59 Age Division-Male:

1st          Antonio Gonzalez            19:55

2nd        David Gonzalez                 29:07

3rd           Gilberto Soto                     31:24


14 and Under Age Division-Female:

1st          Kaitlyn Martinez               21:45

2nd          Alyana Rendon                 27:16

3rd           Victoria Jimenez               28:37

15-19 Age Division-Female:

1st           Karla Resendez                 21:26

2nd          Karla Gomez                      22:29

3rd           Chloe Santos                      26:20


20-29 Age Division-Female:

1st           Mirna Pena                         26:40

2nd          Daniela Ayala                     30:04

3rd           Cassandra Ramirez          32:12

30-39 Age Division-Female:

1st           Julie Cantu                          19:51

2nd          Priscilla Ferrayro               20:53

3rd           Cynthia Lozano                 24:31


40-49 Age Division-Female:

1st           Hayley Kazen                     23:56

2nd          Sherrie Garibay                 25:17

3rd           Sandra Gutierrez              26:03


50-59 Age Division-Female: 

1st           Elisa Castillo                        28:47

2nd          Alicia Miranda                    29:51

3rd           Maria Garcia                       41:53

The Top Overall Male and Female runners received a trophy. First, second, and third place runners in each age category received a medal.

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