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Sunday, January 21, 2018

City of Laredo Police Chief Announces Retirement

Courtesy Xochitl Mora,

After four years at helm, Maldonado highlights crime rate reduction, efficiencies in department and increased federal awareness

 (Laredo, TX )  After four years as Chief of Police for the City of Laredo Police Department, Chief Carlos R. Maldonado has submitted his letter of intent to retire, effective June 22, 2012. Maldonado, a native New Mexican, began his career in Law Enforcement in the New Mexico State Police as a patrolman in 1981.  A long and storied career, including a stint at the FBI Academy, various roles in state law enforcement and teaching law enforcement strategies throughout the globe highlighted his career before being hired in Laredo on June 17, 2008.

 “I want to express my profound appreciation to my staff. . .” stated Maldonado in his letter to City Manager Carlos Villarreal. “It has been an absolute honor to have worked with such a distinguished group of law enforcement professions.  I could not be more proud of our accomplishments over the last four years.  It is through their collective efforts that Laredo’s crime rate has progressively declined to unprecedented levels, in spite of the numerous challenges we faced when I first took command.”

 Under Maldonado’s leadership, the City of Laredo Police Department has reduced crime:

·         In 2011, the City of Laredo saw a 36% decrease in auto-theft, dropping the City of Laredo out of the Top 10 List published by the National Insurance Crime Bureau – dropping from #1 and #2 – to drop to #11.

·         The City of Laredo saw a 16.1% reduction in overall crime, the highest decrease in the state of Texas.

 Maldonado credits increased training; a more strategic approach to analyzing crime data and identifying crime “hot spots” with the Compstat approach he introduced to the department; and streamlining the organizational structure of the police department and improved communication with staff and supervisors for these accomplishments.

 Aside from improved staffing assignments for the entire department, Maldonado also oversaw an improvement to the Evidence/Property Room collection and storage process; updated the police units to more responsive, safe and efficient vehicles; selected uniforms that provided improved ventilation for officers; implemented a police chaplain program; and better training to prepare the 68 newly hired police officers during his tenure.

 However, the accomplishments Maldonado and City officials point to as being his most valuable contribution to the City of Laredo is in the area of representing the US/Texas/Mexico border in various task forces, leadership conferences and symposiums held in Austin, Washington, D.C.; throughout the country; and even, throughout the world.

 “There have been some noticeable improvements in fighting and deterring crime and it has been through Chief Maldonado’s leadership that these results have been attained.  He is a good man and a great law enforcement-oriented individual.  I wish him the best,” stated City Manager Carlos Villarreal. 

 Maldonado presented at various conferences led by the FBI; DEA; Homeland Security; the International Association of Chiefs of Police; and participated in discussions held at the White House with President Obama on Strategic Implementation Plan for Empowering Local Partners to Prevent Violent Extremism in the United States. 

Thanks to his efforts, the City of Laredo received $4.3 million in federal COPS grant, enough to hire 22 additional officers, improving not only local, but also, homeland security.

 In addition, Maldonado hosted various regional and state executive-level symposiums, developing a network of police contacts that could share intelligence, and better prepare themselves with the challenges of border enforcements and other local issues. At one such conference, Maldonado was able to secure DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart to come down to Laredo and participate in a local town hall meeting, which helped contribute to a publication: “Voices From Across the Country: Local Law Enforcement Officials Discuss the Challenges of Immigration Enforcement.”  

 Maldonado began and concluded his letter with praise for Laredo:  “Characteristic of Laredo, she extended a warm and welcoming embrace to my family and I, for which I am forever grateful.  I would be remiss if I did not mention how honored I have been to a part of this wonderful community.”

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