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Monday, February 19, 2018

Webb County Sheriff’s Office Deploys High Definition Surveillance System

106_0842Courtesy Maru De La Paz,

 Laredo, Texas (Webb County) – Webb County Sheriff Martin Cuellar recently installed and activated a high-definition network of audio and video monitoring at the Webb County Jail.  This much needed system, will lead to more efficient response times, assist in investigation, improve inmate accountability, help detect narcotics and better protect our officers as well as our inmates. A total of 96 digital day-night infrared, color cameras have been installed  at the jail. The system is expandable for additional cameras.

 “The most important thing at our jail is safety, ” stated Sheriff Martin Cuellar,  “Safety for our staff and safety for our inmates.  This is a much needed upgrade that will help us better secure our jail. This will also help us minimize taxpayers from frivolous lawsuits. ”

The tamper-proof system allows an unprecedented level of monitoring at the jail.  The prior system had only 10 functioning cameras that were obsolete. Sheriff Cuellar applied for a grant that would assist us in financing this endeavor, a total of  $30,657.09 was awarded. In addition, Sheriff Cuellar authorized spending $42,658.00 from federal forfeiture account.

 “Introducing modern technology allows us to perform our job more efficiently. Although, Technology is not a replacement for manpower, it will help us be more proactive in our service to the community.” Stated Sheriff Martin Cuellar.    


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  1. wyatt earp
    September 22, 2010 at 6:20 am

    bet you prisoners will still walk out

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