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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Citizen-Led I-35 Planning Committees Seek Public Input on the Future of the I-35 Corridor

Courtesy Raul Leal,

The I-35 Corridor Segment Committees behind the citizen-driven MY 35 effort will seek input from members of their community in September at a series of public involvement workshops. I-35 Corridor Segment Committee Four will hold a workshop in Laredo September 16 to gather public feedback on their plan. Each of the four I-35 segment committees have met regularly over the past nine months to turn their locally-generated ideas for I-35 improvements into a draft plan for the future of the
well-travelled corridor.

Sharing the draft plans with the public is one of the final steps before each segment finalizes their plan and collaborates with the I-35 Corridor Advisory Committee and other I-35 Corridor Segment Committees and consolidates each regional plan into a comprehensive, long-range mobility plan for the entire I-35 corridor.  Ultimately, the MY 35 effort will result in a plan that reflects the interests and concerns of citizens living and working along the corridor.

MY 35 calls for a citizens’ perspective on I-35 improvements including identifying corridor needs, conducting public outreach efforts such as the upcoming public involvement workshops, collaborating with the public and local stakeholders, and creating regional transportation blueprints.  The MY 35 plan, which is overseen by the I-35 Corridor Advisory Committee and the four segment committees, will be given to the Texas Transportation Commission and the Texas Department of Transportation
(TxDOT) to guide future corridor development in 2011. 

Members of TxDOT staff will be present at each public involvement workshop to explain how the MY 35 effort fits in with the department’s statewide planning efforts, and segment committee members will be available to discuss the specifics of their draft plan. Each segment’s draft plan, notes from prior meetings and a full schedule of the upcoming workshops is available online by visiting www.my35.org.

Laredo Public Involvement Workshop:
WHEN:    6-8 p.m. September 16, 2010
WHERE:    TxDOT Laredo District Office Meeting Room
    1817 Bob Bullock Loop (Loop 20), Laredo

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