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Monday, September 25, 2017


districtattornyesofficebuzzupdateCourtesy Monica Garcia,

 The Office of District Attorney Isidro Alaniz will be holding a Hot Check Amnesty Program allowing anyone with an amount pending in the DA’s Hot Check Unit to pay off their hot checks without being arrested. 

 Amnesty begins Monday, May 3rd at 8am and runs through Friday, May 21st at 5pm. 

 During those days of Amnesty, the District Attorney’s Hot Check Unit will remain open during the lunch hour in order to better accommodate those persons wishing to make good on their bad checks. 

 The Round-Up begins Monday, May 24th with arrest warrants being executed by investigators from the office of the District Attorney. 

 Everyone with an amount pending in the Hot Checks Unit is on notice. Failure to comply leaves hot check writers subject to arrest during the Round-Up.  Offenders will be held accountable and are subject to arrest at any place and at any time.   

 The District Attorney is always concerned about the negative impact bad checks have upon local business.  “Hot checks impair our local economy when merchants must increase consumer costs in order to offset their losses.”  For this reason, the Hot Check Unit has sought to obtain restitution for the victims of bad checks and to educate merchants to protect themselves against this white-collar crime.  Merchants receiving hot checks within the last thirty days may submit those checks to the District Attorney’s Office for collection and may contact the Hot Check Unit for warning posters to display in their storefront. 

 For more information, contact the District Attorney’s Hot Checks Unit at 523-4919 or 523-4931

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