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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Update on Missing Girl New Suspect Sought

Bridge Crossing greyBUZZ copyThe Laredo Police Department is updating the story of Karla Victoria Yrigoyen-Rivas, Hispanic female, 12 years old who was reported missing on 09-22-09 at approximately 4 pm.  The story is being updated in reference to a man who originally was thought to be the person who may have taken the 12 year old girl.  Originally the police were looking for a person known as Jose Angel Cruz, AKA Giovanni, Hispanic, male, 28 years old, 5’6, 200, bald, brown, and last seen wearing blue muscle shirt, blue jeans, and yellow boots.  The suspect information and surveillance footage of a man from a convenience store camera are both incorrect.  Mrs. Sandra Rivas (mother of the missing girl) identified to police the man entering the store as the man who may be with her daughter.  This week Laredo Police Investigators captured images of the missing girl and the actual suspect as they walked across into Mexico on the Laredo International Bridge #1 at 12:50 p.m. the same afternoon she disappeared.  The suspect is now being officially identified as a Mexican native man named Israel Blanquel Sotelo, D.O.B. 03-16-81.  Under the circumstances on 09-22-09 and the sense of urgency for the safety of the young girl, the Laredo Police Detectives were left little choice but to release the original image, which was positively identified by the girl’s mother, Sandra Rivas.  The suspect also has several aliases and Jose Angel Cruz “Giovanni” is the name known by the mother, Sandra Rivas.  The case remains under investigation with several agencies including, the Laredo Police Department, Federal Authorities, and Mexican Law Enforcement personnel are actively looking for the child. 

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