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Monday, January 22, 2018

“La Mexicana Restaurant” Cat Burglar Arrested!



      During the past several weeks there has been several Burglaries reported. The burglaries involved the removal of burglar bars using bolt cutters. Most of the locations that were hit were businesses. The burglaries occurred during the night time or early morning.

gathered on suspects and methods of operation.


The ongoing burglary investigations revealed enough evidence to link a known burglar to the break-in at “La Mexicana restaurant, 1902 Santa Ursula which was featured on the evening news and local newspaper.  We received several calls about the identity of the burglar from the news release. 


Subject Juan Alberto Martinez, age 35, was arrested and served with warrant # 9468 #9368 for Burglary of Building SJF. He was arrested by 800 Kearney. He was booked and remanded to the Webb County Jail, under a $40,000 bond set by Justice of the Peace H. Liendo.


The Burglary investigation continues and more burglaries charges are pending on subject Juan Alberto Martinez.

One Response ““La Mexicana Restaurant” Cat Burglar Arrested!”

  1. lmfao
    May 3, 2009 at 11:22 pm

    maybe he just wanted some enchiladas la mexicana is known to have the best enchiladas in town.

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